Aughey Plant


Inclined Screens - Dry & Washing

'Fre-Flo' inclined screens are heavy duty, two bearing screens that are available with one, two or three screening decks. They are noted for reliability and high capacity production. Sizes available include 12 x 5, 16 x 5, 16 x 6, 20 x 5 and 20 x 6.

Scalping screens specially designed for the separation of coarser sizes of aggregate are available. Normally manufactured as two deck screens they are also available as single decks. Sizes available include 6 x 4, 8 x 4, 10 x 4, 10 x 5, and 12 x 5.

Horizontal Screens - Dry & Washing

These innovative screens are the industry's leading horizontal screens. They feature triple-shaft oval motion screens that reduce plugging and blinding and improve screening efficiency with less near size carry over. They have often been unsuccessfully copied by other manufacturers and are the most productive screen available in both dry and washing applications. Sizes available include 16 x 5, 16 x 6, 20 x 5, 20 x 6, 20 x 7 and 20 x 8 with two and three screen decks.

A8 Horizontal Mobile Screen

The A8 is the industry's only track mounted screening plant that is capable of achieving throughputs up to 800 tph. The heavy-duty "Hardox" lined steel apron feeder provides a regular feed to the 16' x 5' (5m x 1.5m) horizontal screenbox. which features adjustable stroke amplitude, angle and speed. The hydraulic folding conveyors allow for excellent separation of all screened products and substantial stockpiling capacity. The robust chassis is designed specifically to provide years of service in rugged quarry applications. Option to allow for the production of 4 & 5 grades of material is available. Click here to learn more about the A8 Horizontal Mobile Screen

Aughey A5000 / A6000 Static Screening Plant

A5000/A6000 Static Screening Plant

Improved Productivity Through Advanced Efficiencies

The Aughey AS 6000 is a free floating inclined robust screen. The screen is mounted on two brass guage roller bearings, which are concealed in a dust proof housing, bolted directly to the screen sidewalls.

The main shaft is located on the centre of gravity axis and is rotating in a concentric manner between 800 and 1050 rpm depending on the application, giving lift and throw to the screening basket. The screening basket is constructed with a eccentric shaft and is torked into position.

Two steel balance weights are fitted to the main shaft. The degree of vibration can be altered to suit a change of duty by adding or subtracting balance weight plates. The correct setting of the weights is carried out at the factory prior to dispatching the screen.

This is to ensure that it counter-balances the vibrating load of the screen basket whilst containing the vibration to the screening basket where it is most needed and prevents dissipation onto the supporting structure. The screen is mounted on compression coil springs and may be driven by an electric or hydraulic motor.

Aughey A5000 Static Screening plant

Aughey  A5000 Static Screening Plant




Comprehensive range of vibrating screens offering both standard & custom built designs

Very suitable to bulk material screening for extract industries, providing toughness, reliability and high productivity

Its robust structure and design assures lower running costs, lower maintenance costs & longer life. Resulting in long lasting & cost effective equipment

Bolted Structure - using high tensile bolts eliminates weld stress and allows the replacement of single components Single Arch Decks - Screens up to 1825 mm wide can be supplied with a single arch giving a more even distribution of material, increasing screening area & eliminates fast wearing centre clamps

Multi deck screens have a generous clearance between decks allowing access for servicing

AS 5000 screens have 18 deg sloped side end, allowing material to fall at the beginning of the lower decks, maximising the effective screen area

AS 5000 may be made mobile on their own axle with electric or hydraulic drives