Aughey Plant


Sand Processing Plants

Sand washing units are used in washing and producing specification sands. These plants maximise the amount of saleable sand produced while reducing the quantity of material washed back to the settling pond. The sand plants are made up of the following modules:
  • The pump and tank assembly;
  • The cyclone(s);
  • The dewatering screen.
  • Water Clarification Plants

    Costs associated with the use, storage, recycling of water used in sand washing have become an important issue for many operators. Now these issues can be addressed with an efficient, automated water recycling system. The system automatically clarifies wastewater, removes solid particles, discharges the waste “mud” and stores the clean, recycled water for reuse.

    Filter Presses

    Eliminate your settling pond problems with a Filmac filter press. Using a filter press the silt can be separated from mud slurry that is pumped from the water clarification tank.

    Log Washers

    Log Washers are designed to remove tough plastic mud and clay from coarse aggregate. The aggressive scrubbing action created by the twin paddle shafts break down even the toughest clay.